Soul Based Readings

Soul-Based-ReadingWhen we are first created as a soul, we are created with a certain vibration. This vibration is different from every other soul. This is necessary in order for us to be separate otherwise we would be one soul. This vibration resonates with certain characteristics. These characteristics are who we are at soul level and these characteristics never change. So, who we were 10 lifetimes ago is who we are now. This is separate from our personality which is influenced by our soul vibration but is also influenced by our human physiology, subconscious belief systems, life circumstances etc.

As a soul we have unlimited ability to manifest in order to experience ourselves and in fact we are manifesting constantly. Of course what we manifest is usually what we struggle with as human beings. All of us want to manifest a life that is desirable i.e. health, love, children (if that is your desire), money, freedom etc. But the reality of what we manifest may be quite different to what we want.

There are certain universal laws that exist that are true throughout the universe. A very important one to be mindful of is the law of choice and consequence (otherwise known as Karma). Everything is polar and everything requires ultimate balance. This law is applicable no matter what! That means there will be positive choices and positive consequences as well as negative choices resulting in negative consequences.

When we make positive choices, we are making choices that are vibrationally aligned to our soul. So notice I am not referring to “good” and “bad” choices as that is subjective and may vary from person to person depending on their soul characteristics. So positive choices i.e. choices that are aligned with our soul vibration, will result in positive consequences and therefore the ability to manifest the life we want.

Of course, this is easier said than done or our lives would look a whole lot different! Life circumstances and our belief systems often get in the way of us making aligned choices. And these negative choices whether in this life or past lives can produce negative influences in our energy fields. These influences can affect our thoughts, our feelings, our choices, and what we manifest.

A Soul Profile Reading establishes your soul vibration and the characteristics that are most important for you. This can help you to make choices that are more aligned with who you are in order to manifest more of what you want.

A Soul Realignment includes a Soul Profile Reading and we then go on to discover what blocks and restrictions are in your energy field influencing your ability to make positive, aligned choices. These may have come from past life choices or present life choices or both. We also go on to clear these influences giving you the freedom and opportunity to make new choices that are aligned with who you are and therefore manifest the life you want.

Please note: These readings require considerable work prior to your appointment. In fact, the entire reading and clearing is done prior to your appointment and the appointment is to explain to you what took place in order to bring it to your conscious awareness. This helps you to take responsibility for these choices to empower you to make different choices. As such, it is a requirement to pay a non-refundable component of the fee prior to the work being done.

* Readings can be presented in person or on the phone. A recording of your reading is included.

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