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Empowering others to overcome life’s obstacles

We all have an inner drive to learn, evolve and grow. And at the same time we yearn for love, happiness, purpose, fulfilment and contentment. Sometimes we become frozen in our desire to change and grow because it risks us losing those comfortable feelings. The funny thing is, we lose them anyway because we are not living our purpose…..we are not experiencing our lives authentically. Now this can be in just one area of life or many but even one will have an effect on every area.
You may be experiencing difficulties in your external world….relationships, difficulties at work, problems with family or you may be only aware of your internal dissatisfaction….fears, anxiety, anger, lack of motivation….etc, etc…. These are all an important symptom of a much bigger picture.
When we become ‘stuck’ in different areas, or feel ‘lost’ and not sure how to move forward, it can heavily impact on your life. Our comfort zones (which are often not all that comfortable by the way!) can hold us back from being who or where we really want to be in our lives, and of course lead to unhappiness, money and career trouble and even ill health!

Getting out of your comfort zone, and moving forward in your life, is obviously not an easy task and it requires work from the inside out. It requires more than just conscious desire and determination. If that were the case you’d already be where you want to be right? This is where Soul Based therapy can help you.

Our Services

Utilizing many tools, skills and abilities, we address you as a whole being. This encompasses your soul, physical body, mental body and emotional body. We address where you are now as a product of where you have been. Having this awareness empowers you to heal, to make real change at a fundamental, energetic level and move forward with greater peace, love and purpose.


The aspect and role of counselling as part of Soul Based Therapy is vital. Counselling addresses the conscious aspect of our being and can even help bring…

Spiritual Guidance

This term refers to both the use of my guidance and the development of your own relationship with yourself. The much used expression that we are all…


Clinical hypnotherapy assists us to make changes and to heal situations in this life. So many people today are living lives “beyond their control”….

Energy Healing

We have various energy fields within and around the body, aside from the energy that makes up the physical body. When there is negative energy…

Emotional Freedom Technique

involves utilising known acupressure points to release emotional energy that is disrupting the healthy flow of energy…

Soul Based Readings

When we are first created as a soul, we are created with a certain vibration. This vibration is different from every other soul. This is necessary in order for us…

Past Lives

Do they exist or are they a fabrication from our own needs and desires to bring sense to our existence? Many religions, cultures and philosophies are…

Life Between Lives

This experience is based on the world renowned work by Dr Michael Newton, author of Journey of the Souls, Destiny of the Souls and Life Between Lives.

What is Soul Based Therapy?

Soul based therapy is a holistic approach to healing and targets the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of each person. The focus is on the overall soul journey to bring about learning, clarity & healing.

Soul Based Therapy aims to assist and guide you in learning the lessons needed to release negative karmic influences and heal old ineffective beliefs. It is different from other forms of counselling, as it addresses all levels of consciousness in combination with the energy fields that make up your human existence.

Various Techniques that may be used to achieve the desired outcome are:

  • Hypnotherapy 
  • Psychic Readings of Soul Information 
  • Energy Healing
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Life Between Lives Regression
  • Counselling
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Past Life Regressions

Changing Our Reality Through All Levels of Consciousness

We are all energetic beings with consciousness. That consciousness can be divided into three areas – Our normal every day consciousness which we are aware of, our subconscious which is our belief system that we have established as a result of our life experiences and physical make up and contributes heavily to our “automatic” thoughts, feelings and behaviours , and the superconscious which retains choices, patterns and blocks from our past lives as well as information on our true nature and purpose.

Each level of consciousness may have positive and negative aspects that are all working together to create our reality. Which means if we want to change our current reality, we need to look at all levels of consciousness in order to create a new way of being as well as permanent change. 


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What Our Clients Say

More Than 700 Happy Clients

From the moment I entered Soul’s Destiny I felt understood. This was the first time I have experienced therapy that allowed me to search for answers within myself, in the context of the world. This is not a typical talk therapy that requires you to talk to a stranger to find the answers. I instantly felt comfortable, and that I was understood as a person. I have found a confidence in myself that I didn’t have before.
I cannot thank Soul’s Destiny enough for helping me to live a more fulfilled version of myself.

Fiona P

Outstanding!!! I first visited Soul’s Destiny back in May 2015….wow time flies when you are having fun!! This therapy was life changing for me, in so far as I feel the work to date has supercharged my life. You would be AMAZED of what is holding you back from past experiences, collected energies and even those energies you are surrounded all have impact on your life. The personal development is like no other, sustainable as it is cleared for you to move forward. Just be brave and open to what can be. I have recently sent a dear friend of mine going through marriage separation and to hear and see her progress is heartwarming. I would love so many more of my tribe to be able to visit…..only in good time and when you are ready. So I say just be brave and try the experience to transform your life. SBT is profound and I couldn’t recommend this work more highly! You deserve the best life so make the change sooner rather than later…..dont follow others, be the true you. Thank you Soul’s Destiny. I am most grateful. Namaste Xx

Kristi Evans

I’ve had wonderful results from sessions at Soul’s Destiny. I was made to feel extremely comfortable as we worked to get to the root of problems that had left me feeling quite stuck in my life. The work that was done has helped me immensely and I feel I am still benefiting from it.

Sara M

I have been a client of Soul’s Destiny for a few years now. Initiallly, I was skeptical regarding the impact alternative therapy could really have on my life however, over time I have begun to use the breakthroughs I have had with different therapists to help broaden my approach to the problem I face and the decisions I need to make. I can honestly say it has changed my life.

Luke Williams