The aspect and role of counselling as part of Soul Based Therapy is vital. Counselling addresses the conscious aspect of our being and can even help bring subconscious and even superconscious information into our conscious awareness. Conscious knowledge and understanding of our thoughts feelings and behaviours is empowering as it gives us choice. After all, we are here in this life to be third dimensional which means taking responsibility, making choices and taking action.

Without conscious awareness, people can remain a victim to their automatic thoughts, feelings and behaviours and rely on others to “fix” them. Of course this is impossible. All healing is self healing. It is a choice we make, but first we must become aware that we have that choice and recognise the choices we are making.

Utilising counselling skills and tools in conjunction with techniques that access and heal at the level of the subconscious and superconscious means we can address each individual as a whole being and empower them to embrace their own healing and take action to create the life they want.

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To empower others to overcome life's obstacles, to reach their full potential and live their purpose. To support each soul in reaching their destiny.