Energy Healing / Spiritual Healing

ReikiScientists now know that everything is energy. The varying vibrations dictate what form that energy takes. We have various energy fields within and around the body, aside from the energy that makes up the physical body. When there is negative energy within those energy fields, it will disrupt the normal healthy flow of energy in and around the body. This, in turn, will then disrupt the energy that makes up the physical, mental and emotional body and can even manifest physically as “dis-ease”.

Energy fields, including chakras and auras are vital to the health and wellbeing of every individual.

Thoughts, feelings and memories are energy too. And these energies exist throughout the body. This is how we can have a Past Life memory. It is not stored in the brain but is rather part of the energy field that makes up the soul.

So negative memories, beliefs, thoughts and feelings will exist as a different frequency within and around our bodies.

Energy healing is about clearing this negativity to enable a normal healthy flow and vibration throughout our energy fields.

Human touch has been used as a healing tool for centuries. Mother’s instinctively touch their children to heal.

Some people have an ability to heal beyond the “average person”. Their own vibration is attuned to be especially effective in shifting this negative “dense” energy. Such people are often quite “energy sensitive”.

Ann is an energy healer utilising her own healing vibrations and channelling of universal healing energies. She is energy sensitive and intuitive and often utilises this ability with hypnotherapy resulting in powerful shifts.

Ann has also studied Reiki.

Spiritual Healing is a form of energy healing in that everything is energy so the healing that is done is at an energetic level. However, it is also quite different in that it utilises a connection to spirit and those beings that are actually there to assist us on our journey of healing and growth. These beings are actually skilled at moving and manipulating energy on all levels. Ann calls on her own personal team of healers as well as those of the client as well as guides and other high level healers in the spiritual realm. As well as achieving results that clients may block through other modalities, it is also common to receive information to pass on to the client that will help them move forward.

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