NB: Please check with your health fund if you have cover for hypnotherapy. Some treatments may be claimable on tax.

All prices are inclusive of gst.

Initial Session – $240 1 ½ hours

This is for new clients only. This is a good place to start if you don’t know where to start! In this session we look at where you are now, as in the circumstances of your life, how you are experiencing your life, your thoughts and feelings and things that may be getting in the way of the experience you want, and some of the experiences you have had thus far that have led to now. We will also look at what you need to move forward and achieve your desired outcome.

Usually, this session will also include the commencement of whatever path we choose, whether it be utilising hypnotherapy, healing or counselling.

Initial Session + Profile Reading – $380 1 ½ hours (includes time taken for reading work prior to appointment)

This session contains all of the above plus a Soul Profile Reading as described under Soul Based Readings. However, instead of hypnotherapy or healing we discuss your soul vibration and how you can make changes to align with who you truly are. We also use this information to better understand how and when your subconscious belief system is interfering and even sabotaging you.

Initial Session + Profile Reading + Treatment – $485 2 hours (includes time taken for reading work prior to appointment)

This is a full initial session and a full profile reading and whatever modality is appropriate to assist you in making changes.

Follow up Sessions – $170 1 hour

These sessions are the “meat and potato” of this work. These sessions are the ongoing process of changing limiting and outdated beliefs, patterns and programming and shifting the energy throughout the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies to be clear and aligned with your soul vibration so you are free to live the life you want and experience optimum joy, love, peace and fulfilment. These sessions may include hypnotherapy, spiritual healing, energy healing, eft, counselling.

Soul Profile Reading – $230 (half hour reading report) (includes time taken for reading work prior to appointment)

A Soul Profile Reading establishes your soul vibration and the characteristics that are most important for you. This can help you to make choices that are more aligned with who you are in order to manifest more of what you want.

Soul Realignment– $490 (one hour reading report) (includes time taken for reading and clearing work prior to appointment)

A Soul Realignment includes a Soul Profile Reading and we then go on to discover what blocks and restrictions are in your energy field influencing your ability to make positive, aligned choices. These may have come from past life choices or present life choices or both. We also go on to clear these influences giving you the freedom and opportunity to make new choices that are aligned with who you are and therefore manifest the life you want.

Soul Pattern and Belief Reading – $110

This reading establishes what negative beliefs and repetitive patterns are getting in the way for you at this present time. These are things that can’t be removed through the clearing work of a Soul Based Reading as there are lessons to be learned leading to growth. These subconscious beliefs will be influencing the way you think, feel, behave and manifest.. The reading will discover what your underlying fear is, what belief is connected to it, what emotions are connected and what therapeutic interventions are required to heal and transform this pattern into a positive belief aligned to what you want to experience. This reading is then presented to you in the following appointment along with the first step in your transformation as per the reading.

Past Life Regression – $390 2 ½ hours

This session includes much of an initial session so we can get an idea of the overall picture of your present life and then, utilising hypnosis, you are guided into the experience of a prior lifetime that is significant for you in some way. Our aim during this process is to explore any similarities and patterns that may emerge in relation to your present life and to bring clarity and healing to any situations that may require it. The journey also includes the experience in the womb. Included is a  recording of your experience.

Life Between Lives Regression – $690 4+ hours

Having experienced a past life regression under the guidance of a qualified hypnotherapist is a prerequisite of this work. We begin by gaining significant information about important characters in your life both past and present and the questions you may have about your life. We then follow a similar process as a past life regression (again including womb experience) but take your mind to a deeper state so that you might then experience the space between lives and gain a deeper understanding of yourself as a soul and your journey including the present incarnation. This experience can create a profound shift in consciousness and perspective.

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