Spiritual Guidance

This term refers to both the use of my guidance and the development of your own relationship with yourself. The much used expression that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience is true. Commonly, a side effect of coming into that human experience is to “forget” who we are at a soul level. Some of the things contributing to this forgetfulness are society conditioning, ridicule, fears and negative beliefs we have created as a result of past experiences both in this life and other lifetimes. As a result we put energetic layers between our true self and our conscious awareness.

Soul Based Therapy helps to clear away these layers and reconnect you to your truth. In so doing you also connect more to the guidance that is always there from spirit.

The most important guidance you will receive is from yourself. But through the healing process, it is also valuable to have the guidance passed to you through your therapist. This guidance is never “telling” you what to do as that is disempowering. Rather it comes in the form of suggestions or questions that will help you come to your own knowing.

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