Life Between Lives

Live between lives

This experience is based on the world-renowned work by Dr Michael Newton, author of Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls and Life Between Lives. Dr Newton’s work in this area began when he had a client “accidentally” enter this space whilst under hypnosis. Dr Newton then set out to gather thousands of case studies before going public with his work in 1994. He has since passed but his work continues. In a state of hypnosis, you are gently guided to the dimensional state of the spiritual realm. An LBL session can be a life changing experience unique to each individual bringing clarity, direction, healing and purpose.

Through these many case studies a very significant theme developed. It didn’t seem to matter what country, religion, socio-economic background a person was from, they all reported startlingly similar experiences.

Our role as LBL therapists is to create an environment where our clients can awaken an understanding of their own immortality in order to discover their own inner truth.

What People Experience

People’s experience during an LBL Regression will vary and your experience will certainly be unique to you. It will largely depend on what it is you need to experience at this time to help you on your journey through this life. For example, some may participate in more of an exploratory tour of the spirit world and visit many different places whilst others may spend more time in just a few areas. Perhaps their experience may be limited to their guide, soul group and council particularly if their present requirement is to have questions answered and to bring clarity and direction back into this life.

What an LBL Experience can do

Regardless of what you set out to achieve, the experience of this beautiful and unique space is in itself life changing. To experience the unconditional love, acceptance, peace and healing is truly wonderful. At this level it is far easier to view our lives (and in particular this life) from a completely different perspective. For example, there is often a lot of humour experienced from those we encounter. This helps us to “lighten up” and stop taking ourselves and our lives so seriously. Of course, someone who is too serious is more likely to encounter this lesson than someone who perhaps is too far the other way.

Many experience profound shifts in their consciousness, their bodies and the manifestations within their lives. Often deep and profound healing occurs. Much depends on the lessons associated.

Why Choose to Undertake LBL Regression Therapy?

  • Curiosity
  • Healing – Physical, Mental, Emotional
  • Clarity over Life Lessons
  • Understanding experiences in life
  • Understanding Relationships
  • Direction and Purpose
  • Assistance in “moving forward”


A Life Between Lives Regression Session runs for approximately 4 hours. The cost for the session is $690. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required as it is necessary to set aside the entire day for these processes. It is also recommended that when planning your LBL, you too organise a “free” day.

On paying the deposit, a preparation c.d. will be mailed to you along with a questionairre to fill out and instructions for your journey.

The session will be sent to you as a c.d. recording after your session or given to you on the day.

N.B. It is a pre requisite that you have previously experienced Past Life Regression in order to partake in an LBL. For interstate travellers, this can be organised on consecutive days if necessary.

Tours – For current pricing on processes interstate (i.e. not Melbourne) please contact Ann.

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