Gifted Women

Gifted Men



All people are gifted. However, we often don’t recognise these gifts or we are so focussed on what’s wrong with us and our world that we don’t give these gifts a chance to shine through.

This workshop is the opportunity to discover your own gifts. Both those that are innately feminine and masculine and those that are uniquely yours.


This will impact  every area of your life.

       * Increased self esteem

       * Greater Confidence

                                                           * More sense of purpose

                                                           * Clarity

And guess what? It doesn’t have to be hard! Yes, there may be moments that are challenging but these challenges will lead you to a feeling of achievement. The awareness that you serve an important purpose in this world is very uplifting and motivating.

Sunday 25th May 2014

9.30am – 4.00pm


Anyone that has done one of my workshops before, knows that I don’t like to be too serious or too formal. Life is meant to be fun! Only we decide at a young age that learning is boring and hard work. Blow that!

In this workshop you will have FUN!!!!

* You will spend the day with like minded people.

* You will learn from others as they will learn from you.

* You will leave uplifted, enlightened, happy and motivated to move forward on your journey with purpose.

We spend a lot of time getting in our own way.

Some of us learn the cup is half empty and some of us are born “knowing it”!

* Discover what holds you back.

* Release old irrelevant information

* Reprogram your mind

* Learn strategies to deal with that inner saboteur

Why a workshop??

A workshop gives you the opportunity for active participation. Although its great to learn at a conscious level, often any change is temporary. Have you ever walked out of a seminar feeling amazing only to come crashing down when you return to normal life? Hey, if it was up to our conscious mind, we would all be successful millionaires living the life of our dreams with the love of our lives and single handedly changing the world to be a better place.

But our reality comes from a much deeper place. And in order to make changes at a deep level we need to “experience” the change.

My aim with my workshops is for you to shift at a fundamental level, to peel back more layers of that proverbial onion so that you live closer to your truth and your purpose. The closer you get to your soul’s truth, the happier, more content and more fulfilled you are.


Date: Sunday 25th May, 2014

Time: 9:30am to 4pm

Place: Community Centre, Lifestyle Estates, Dingley Village

Included: Morning Tea


               Afternoon Tea

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