Terms And Conditions


1.    The services provided at Soul’s Destiny are very real, profound and unique. As a result, we have limited appointment times available. If you are not completely dedicated to creating real change in both your inner world and your outer world then please don’t take up an appointment time and take this opportunity away from someone that is. If this is the case, we genuinely wish you well and welcome you when you are ready.

2.    We vow to make your change and healing our priority. We ask that you do the same.

3.    We promise to treat you with consideration and respect by not cancelling or moving your appointment unless absolutely necessary. We ask the same of you.

4.    Initial appointments require a deposit of $50. Any appointments over 2 hours require a deposit of $100. Deposits are non-refundable but appointments may be changed if 72 hours notice is given. (We understand that sometimes life throws unexpected curve balls and can be flexible in such circumstances). Deposits can be paid by card or direct deposit. If you are wanting to pay cash for your sessions, we are happy to take a card number just as security but not process it. If 72 hours notice of cancellation or alteration is not given, full payment of session fees is required.

5.    All Saturday appointments must be paid in full, in advance.

6.    All follow up appointments require 48 hours notice to change or cancel or full fee will be charged (again, extenuating circumstances may be considered).

7.    We thank you for your understanding and cooperation and are excited to share in your experience of becoming the happy, empowered, authentic person you are born to be.