Step out of your comfort zone and reap the rewards.

It’s often said that life is a journey, and that indicates that there is movement happening regularly if not constantly. Sometimes though, we can become stuck and we might not even realise it.

You can look at your life and think on paper it looks great, but why does it feel like something is a miss, that there isn’t an overall contentment that you think should be there. Maybe, you are desperately wanting something in your life, but going and getting it seems impossible or unattainable.


When you feel this, there’s a very good chance, that you have settled into your comfort zone.


Contrary to it’s name, the comfort zone is not a place to settle down in. Our comfort zones are our ‘safe place’ in our minds. An environment where we understand how everything works, everything is familiar and there isn’t much room for anything to come in and throw us off. Our default place though, can keep us stuck.


We get a false sense of security in our comfort zones, and it can trap us because we won’t grow. The fear of the unknown can be very daunting and it can lead us to settle – settle for being unhappy, or bored, or anxious. These things are clearly negative, but the comfort zone makes it okay for us because at least we know what to expect.

Getting out of our comfort zone is so much easier said than done. It does require work and an understanding of why we have become stuck. There are so many reasons – low self esteem, being overwhelmed, feeling scared of change, convenience of habit – the list does go on.

The truth is, when we take a leap and move outside of this comfort zone, we will have a feeling of uneasiness, there will be nerves and a possible fear of what will happen. But this feeling of uneasiness should not be seen as negative. It means we are moving, and expanding our world to include new things and a new way of being.

Yes, things might not be perfect all the time. We could make mistakes, things might not go as plan, but the truth is it’s okay if everything is not perfect. These imperfections are in their own way perfect because they teach us and guide us.


The great news is, once we take steps outside our comfort zone, what feels uncomfortable at first will become normal and what we fear no longer scares us. This is extremely empowering.


It means we can take on new challenges and know that we are capable of anything. It is wonderful for self esteem and stops us living a life that is stuck in fear. Of course if you’re feeling happy, content and fulfilled, that’s great! Enjoy it! Just be careful not to get stuck in this. We as souls are here to experience ourselves in the full expression of who we are. In order to do this we need to be constantly including new things in our experience or that contentment will change to boredom. This is the inner drive that keeps us growing.


So start now. Choose one thing new and different to do this weekend. Remember, baby steps are fine. Just take a step and make it fun!