Welcome to a new year…..well, a new financial year anyway! I have decided for this month to have a little chat about energy and the impact it can have on every area of our lives. I’m not talking about how much vitality you have, although that is impacted too, but the health of the energy field that is you. Yes, I know to some, you may be thinking this is a bit airy fairy, but let me explain. And to the others that already know this, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded.

Science now knows that everything is energy. The various vibrations define what that energy is. So, keeping it short, we as human beings are made up of various energy fields.

We know this and it is utilised in areas such as MRI’s for diagnostic purposes. Even our physical bodies are an energy field and I’m sure you are all aware of auras, meridians and chakras.

Everything in our lives is reflected in our energy fields. Our thoughts, our feelings and emotions, our behaviours and our physical health. All of it is intertwined and it all parts affect other parts. So, the healthier our energy fields, the healthier our bodies, the happier we are, motivated, empowered, confident and able to manifest what we want. After all, the outer world we manifest is a reflection of us!

So, hopefully it is obvious that it is important to maintain a clear, healthy and balanced energy field. I tend to break down to 2 parts the contributors to energy dysfunction and misalignment…..the chronic and the acute. The chronic are negative belief patterns that we have created either this life or in the past that may have been appropriate in the past but actually aren’t true. Beliefs are energy too so holding onto an energy that is misaligned to us (which it will be if it’s not true!), will interfere with our energy field. Other chronic ones are any other energies that we’ve adopted over time as ours and what we believe we deserve.

Acute dysfunction refers to those things in our current day to day life that can affect our energy. Have you ever had an encounter with someone “dumping” all their problems on you and draining you? I’m sure we all have. Do you ever feel “slimed” like something out of Ghostbusters? Well, that’s exactly what happens, particularly if you are empathic. You can literally take on energy that isn’t yours and you can change the vibration of your own energy.

Even more specifically, lifeforce (which every living thing must have or it id dead) is distributed throughout our bodies via transfer points called chakras. They are concentrated centres of energy that spin like a wheel or a vortex to distribute energy to the relevant areas. There are understood to be 7 major transfer points aligned along the spinal column from the top of the head to the base of the spine. Each major chakra resonates with one of seven universal principles related to survival, creativity and manifesting, identity, love, expression, comprehension and transcendence.

When a chakra becomes blocked, the energy doesn’t flow harmoniously – or alternatively, if they are too open the energy flow becomes to excessive. Both will cause energy imbalance.

Aside from the basics for those that are not familiar with energy, we are not here to teach you all about it but to explain how important it is to maintain a healthy energy balance. As I

mentioned before, there are underlying issues that can be chronically impacting chakras, and those are the issues that need to be worked on, but chakras can also temporarily go out of balance because of everyday life. It’s because of this that we can tend to feel more emotional and cause us to hold onto things like anger or sadness or other negative feelings. This then leads to a viscous cycle – when we are already feeling stressed from the normal demands of life, our chakras go out of balance leading us to feel even worse, and then the chakras become even more out of balance.

What we need to do is maintain our energy fields. Just like we would organise to have regular massages to keep our bodies feeling strong and heal any sore spots before they become bigger problems, we also need to organise to keep our energy balanced. It’s the same as tuning up your car – we service our cars to make sure they are running correctly – and we need to do the same for ourselves.

Regulating and clearing energy and keeping our chakras balanced will lead to many benefits. We may release non-supportive patterns, can enjoy the clarity of a focused mind, express and release emotions in a healthy manner, and increase the health and strength of our immune system – just to mention a few.

So how can we clear and restore balance to our energy field?

There are many ways and many tools, all of which can assist our maintenance such as meditation, crystals, essential oils and even more mainstream activities such as swimming, general exercise, singing, dance.

But for a process that addresses the whole energy field including clearing and balancing chakras, I find Energy Healing to be the most efficient and effective. It’s more like the “tune up” whilst still using the other tools on a day to day basis. Here at Soul’s Destiny, we incorporate Reiki as an effective form of energy work using spiritually guided life force energy, as well as Spiritual Healing that introduces spirit to help the clearing and balancing process. A healing session can help ease tension and stress, and bring about a healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

As a mid-year gift to you, we would like you all to feel warm and nurtured and be able to experience a clear, balanced and vital energy field. So, any bookings for a “winter tune-up” mentioning this email, will attract a discount of $40. In other words, your cost will be only $90. Be quick as this offer is only available until the end of August. Be sure to take advantage of this offer by simply mentioning this email when you book. You will feel the stress of the day to day fade as you bring about balance and clarity to your energy field.