Hypnosis – A Happier You




This recording is designed to assist you on many levels. It consists of a hypnotic induction and relaxation segment that also includes suggestions to improve self-esteem, confidence and inner peace. This segment is recorded in 3 formats to offer flexibility to enable you to listen to a shortened version if time is an issue, a version that leads you into sleep and a deepening version leading into the full therapy component.

The therapy section will assist you in moving forward. It deals with the layers of protection we surround ourselves with due to fear. This “self survival mode” is usually no longer valid and only serves to limit us, ¬†hold us back and prevent us from being authentic. These layers prevent us from being who we truly are at a soul level and experiencing true happiness.

Listening to this recording on a regular basis will reduce stress levels, increase self worth and confidence and help you move forward to greater happiness.