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I love this extract so will leave it here for new visitors to read and others of you to remind yourselves. For those that are not familiar with Neale Donald Walsh, he wrote Conversations with God.

Blessings to you all as you bravely travel your journey.


From Neale Donald Walsch’s
forthcoming book

The Storm Before The Calm

“You have come here–to physical form, to this place called Earth, at this particular and critical time in history–to participate in the evolution of our species.

I realize that this may sound grandiose, yet I believe deeply that it’s true. But a lot of people just don’t know what they can do, and so they assume there is nothing they can do. That’s just not true. There is a gentle assistance that life invites you to provide right now. If you are willing to offer it, you could truly help to change the world.

Please don’t allow yourself to be ‘scared off” by that big agenda. You won’t have to perform verbal somersaults or career back flips or relationship jumping jacks or financial miracles or whatever else you might think you’d have to do to get peoples’ attention or to make a difference on the planet. You don’t have to be a good speaker or a fabulous writer or a workshop presenter or any of that.

Nothing that might involve you will be too much for you. And, as I have said now a couple of times, you will not be alone in this process. Thousands–many thousands–will be joining with you…and I shall be one of them. Yes? Okay? We’ll be doing this together!

So here’s the scoop: Your participation in the evolution of our species will be achieved through the work you do with your own Soul.

Humanity could be just one conversation from paradise. That conversation begins with a talk that you have with yourself. It involves you questioning
the prior assumption–about yourself, about who you are and why you are here.

Now for some of you this idea of “working with your soul”
may feel like a new concept. “How do you work with your soul?”, you may ask. It’s a fair question. No one teaches this stuff in high school. Very little is written about it. Churches don’t even get very deeply into it.

As I have already done some of this work, I can tell you that it is the most exciting work you could ever imagine; the most fulfilling work in which you could ever engage; the most powerful work you could ever do. It is powerful enough to shift the reality of your person–and of a planet.

In your conversation with your Soul you will ask the Four Fundamental Questions of Life: Who am I? Where am I? Why am I where I am? What do I intend to do about that?
And when you finish asking yourself these questions (and answering them), I will invite you to ask them of others. Indeed, I am inviting all of humanity to ask these questions of all of humanity.

I am inviting people everywhere to start a conversation with other people
everywhere, asking the same questions they are asking themselves. I want to encourage people to engage other people at the same level at which they engage their own Soul. Because when they engage other people at this level, they will experience that they are engaging their own Soul. For this is the level at which we all experience that We are all One.

When we speak to each other from that place of Oneness, we take a huge step in our evolution. So let us talk with one another. Let us have a conversation with humanity. Let us lead each other back home, by reminding each other of who we really are — in the aggregate, and in our individual expression.”


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