Happy 2018 Everyone!

The symbolism of a new year ticking over is always an opportune time to look at our lives as well as ourselves and what positive changes can be made. We all like to wonder what the year will bring, and make our own promises or resolutions of what we will do to make the year one that brings us joy and happiness. There is a lot of optimism, however do you find that the motivation does dwindle? There could be many different reasons for this, but if you are finding you are making the constant pledge to change something in your life with little results, there could be deeper reasons why.

Last year, I spoke to you about it being a universal Year ‘1’, the start of a nine year cycle where we planted the seeds of what we wanted in the upcoming years. 2018 is all about lessons. As it is an 11/2 Universal Year, 11 is the first Master Number and it represents an intuitive teacher. There are lessons to be learned and tests to be passed. Of course, these lessons will most likely not be easy, and it may seem ‘easier’ to just ignore what message is being presented to us.

However when we do not recognize them or choose to ignore them, they will return, and each time the lesson returns it will be a little bit louder and more dramatic and could be a very negative energy in our lives. For example, if we are in a job we do not like, or perhaps in a friendship that is no longer beneficial, the messages to take action will only become louder. Work will become more stressful, the things you do not like about the work becoming more and more prominent. The friendship will only get worse, the issues consuming your thoughts. If this is you, don’t despair! I used to joke that I had to be hit by a semi-trailer to make change. Eventually though, I got tired of the pain and the drama, and I am way more pro-active about making improvements rather than re-active.

The examples I have given are simple, but also they can be very relevant to a lot of people. To be clear, the lessons are not simply to just ‘leave’ a situation we are not happy with. But there are messages and teachings to know and understand about ourselves and it is all a part of the journey to attaining the life that is our divine purpose. It is about understanding what ‘blocks’ us, about what holds us back, and why we possibly keep attracting the same things that have a negative impact on our lives. In this 11/2 Universal Year, these issues will be highlighted and need to be addressed.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, to not only achieve the goals you have made, but to reach a greater sense of purpose within yourself? To be able to feel that where you wish you could be by the end of the year is actually where you are? Sometimes when we are stuck, it can seem like an uphill battle.

Here are some tips on how to help you stay positive and keep up your motivation:

– Show Self Compassion: This is very important. Our own habits of self criticism hinders is, and there are actual studies that self criticism impacts our motivation as well as self control. On the other hand, by being supportive and showing ourselves kindness, our motivation is strengthened

– Keep Track of Your Progress: There are a lot of ways for us to track our goals. If we are wanting to become healthier, there are many apps these days that we can use to be actively accountable. We can also reflect on progress that we make. For example, we can keep journals and see how we are travelling throughout the year. If we can see that we are improving, even if in a small way, we will be more inclined to continue to work for our goals.

– Talk About It: Trying to change things on our own can be hard. If we talk about things with others, maybe someone who is wanting to achieve something similar, then there is a mutual support that helps you stay on track. You are able to not only discuss your struggles but also your achievements with each other, and the journey becomes a lot less intimidating and can even be fun!

– Keep Trying: Stumbling does not mean you have failed. We are only human, and it is understandable to slip up. But this does not mean you have ‘ruined’ all your previous hard work. If you miss an exercise session, do not feel guilty, but know that is ok and you will get back to it the next day. Let it motivate you, rather than leave you feeling as if you have let yourself down.

There are some goals we can achieve when we set our minds to it, but there are times when we do need the help of others. If this is the year you want to make a profound change to your life, to make the choice to reduce pain and drama and be pro-active rather than re-active, we can help you. Looking inwards, we work to achieve inner understanding that is keeping you from living a purposeful and fulfilling life. Let us help you make 2018 the year you want it to be.