The other day whilst with a patient (yes that medical side of me), I had an experience that has prompted this month’s article. She was in considerable pain and quite clearly scared. She was trying to do what I needed of her whilst juggling the phone trying to make an appointment for another investigation (being told the appointment they had just told her about was now gone as they spoke and there was nothing else available and were apparently rather short with her. I happened to be in one of my very patient moods and just waited for her to finish. In the middle of this she got cut off. We all know what degree of frustration that alone causes let alone in that state of mind. During this I got the jist of what she was trying to achieve and new I was in a better position to sort it than her. So we went ahead and finished what we had to do and I then sorted for her to go straight away for her other procedure. This was a very easy and quick thing for me to do and yet this lady was overcome with gratitude. When someone is most vulnerable and afraid, kindness goes along way.

Along similar lines, I needed a new battery for my car remote. So off I went to Mazda. The first guy said look you can go to spare parts and they’ll change it but it will cost you quite a lot of money. Or I can tell you the size of the battery to go and buy for a couple of dollars and you can change it yourself. He then called a colleague who was the expert on these things to show me how to change it. The long and the short of this is, they found a new battery in their draw and changed it for me for free. It was my turn to be very grateful. I was very busy (a fairly normal state for me!) and really didn’t have time for all the messing around. When I expressed my gratitude, the first man said that I didn’t need to do anything back for them but to go out and do something for someone else to keep the flow of helping and giving! What a wonderful sentiment to experience in a car showroom!

So this month I’d like to put out a challenge to help us all raise consciousness of kindness and giving. Make a conscious effort to look for ways of giving to someone else without wanting anything in return. That can be in the form of kindness, your time, your effort, patience etc. If they thank you, ask them to pass it along sometime when they’re in a position to do so. If you can, keep a journal over the next month of what happens, not only ways you give but also perhaps some ways that you unexpectedly receive. This will help raise your awareness of the giving and receiving cycle.

I would love some feedback of your experiences with this project and what effect it has on you. I may even share some of these (with your permission) in future articles.

So please, get on board and see what difference we can make to others, ourselves, and collectively!