It’s an overdone cliché – New Year, New You, but resolutions do make sense. The symbolism of a new year ticking over makes it the perfect time to look at our lives as well as ourselves and see what positive changes can be made. But a lot of resolutions are based on external events and feelings – not our core feelings.

There is nothing wrong with setting goals, but sometimes the right question is:

“How Do I Want To Feel?”

Generally, the driving force behind resolutions is the idea  that we need to be better – that we need to strive to be ‘good enough’. When setting goals such as needing to lose weight, or save enough money, it’s putting pressure on ourselves, and can lead to feelings of guilt or stress if we cannot achieve what we think we need to in our minds. To me, this doesn’t sound like a fun way to spend the year.

Wouldn’t it be nice to start the new year by looking internally at ourselves and see what needs healing and ultimately what we want to feel to make us happier?

Anyone, including me, that wants to lose weight will actually cringe at the statement “I want to lose weight” because as previously said – it’s so much pressure. But I love it when I feel slimmer, when I feel comfortable in my clothes, when I feel fitter, when I feel more energetic. This is entirely “me” focused and what “I” want to “feel”.

Another good example is pressure placed on ourselves with financial matters. Just like the idea of “I need to lose weight”, the goal “I need to save money”, straight away brings to mind the feelings of sacrifice and fasting as we feel like we have to restrict ourselves. When we focus on these negative feelings, that is what we manifest.

Instead, if we focused on the positive feelings that come with achievement, it will lead to us manifesting things that are positive, and of course, the things we want and desire.

Take the time this month to sit down and ask yourself, what are your desired feelings for this year. Do you want to feel joyous, free, loved, inspired, abundant? It’s simply reflecting on yourself and what you want to feel.

The great thing about twisting the idea of the new year resolution from outer attainment to inner understanding is that you are no longer placing your happiness on external triggers – on other people or events. You get to stop having to ‘prove’ yourself, and know that you are good enough, without someone having to tell you that you are.

Here’s to a happy 2017, feeling what you want to feel!