Group Classes

Development Group
The group meets monthly on the first Thursday of the month.

  • An opportunity to connect with like minded people
  • An opportunity to form a bond of trust, understanding and compassion with others
  • A place to share your experiences
  • Get feedback, opinions and other perspectives
  • Learning, inner awareness, healing and freedom

Many of us feel like we are travelling alone, or that there is really no one that really understands. Perhaps you don’t like to burden your friends or perhaps you are one that likes to just keep it all inside?? Of course it’s not just about the “problems” that arise, it’s also about sharing our progress, our achievements and supporting and encouraging others to share theirs. Its about regaining the sense of community and belonging. This group is about bringing in more love and joy.

The group is led by Ann Rodis  – master hypnotherapist, counsellor and intuitive healer . Where appropriate she  offers suggestions and guidance.

Some weeks may include a guided meditation or a group hypnotherapy session in line with the topics of discussion to further provoke insight and guidance along life’s often busy, painful and confusing roads. Other weeks may include healing…an opportunity to give and receive.

A group situation offers a unique opportunity to feel connected to others and to experience different energies and dynamics that will both prompt opportunities to learn and move forward but also support this movement.

Every participant in the group will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement so you know the space will be completely safe.

Where: 24 Lord Avenue, Dingley Village.

When: First Tuesday in the Month

Time: 7.30 – 9.00pm

Cost: $35

 Please check available spaces.

Phone Ann: 0400 398 238