Build On Your Unique Strengths.

The other day, I was on my morning walk and something happened that got me thinking. I passed a couple, a man and a woman. The woman was in front and the male following behind. As I smiled and nodded at the woman she did not acknowledge me at all. She remained staunch and stony faced, as she powered on. The man did acknowledge me, with a warm smile and nod of his head.
As I continued on my walk, I started to think about this and realised that it is not unusual to be ignored by women when on my walk. Of course there are exceptions and I know most of the beautiful women reading this are warm and friendly but if someone is to pass by without a greeting, it is usually a woman. So then my thoughts expanded further to how I often find men easier to be around. Why is this?

With so much emphasis on gender in society today, it’s becoming evident that there is confusion about what being a certain gender is. If we look back, historically women were the home makers and men were the bread winners. Women were the gentle and nurturing, community oriented while men independent and strong. With the changes in society, this shifted.

Go back 20 to 30 years, when there was a change in society with feminist issues at the forefront. Women started to dress in power suits, with the idea that they would not be seen as just a female, but an intelligent worker. The power suit was meant to hide the natural aspects of being a female. Men started to shift as well, with longer hair and softer behaviours becoming more and more acceptable.

Come back to today, and there’s been yet another shift. There are men that are gym junkies, working to increase muscle mass and change their physical attributes. Power suits on women are no longer common place in the work field, but more feminine styles prominent. However the shift has not swung so far back that these natural attributes of the two genders are seen as empowering.

This could be because of confusion over the word ‘Equality’. To be equal does not mean to be the same, because we are different. We are built for different purposes. This does not mean to say that we are not able to do or achieve what we want because of what gender we are. But it is important to remember that what brings us power is the ability to live authentically to who we are, rather than feeling like we need to prove ourselves. To compete with each other, is what actually disempowers us.

In other words, what you think makes you appear strong or ‘tough’, is actually what weakens you. What makes you strong, are your natural gifts. For women, being warm, nurturing and gentle are beautiful gifts to have, and there should not be fear of showing these attributes and being mistaken as weak.

Embrace them and be empowered.