Are You Stuck?

Are you stuck and unable to move forward in your life?
Have you already done self improvement work and still have
obstacles coming up in various areas?
Are you feeling internal conflict with sadness, fear, anxiety or anger?
Do you need help to manifest the life you want?

Let Us Help.

Our society and in many cases our parents and our teachers have taught us that we should be able to “fix” our problems ourselves. And it’s good to be capable and independent. But what do we do when we don’t have the knowledge or the tools?

We go to an expert that has the knowledge, the experience and the tools. You might be able to change a tyre but what if your transmission breaks down? You then take your car to a mechanic. But in so many cases, we keep trying to “fix” ourselves or our lives without the tools to do so. So here’s the good news…

You are meant to ask for help!
We all have different areas of expertise and managing the effectiveness of your life is actually no different. Soul Based Therapy is different in that it focuses on all aspects of your physical being and your physical existence. We look at what you are creating in your body (if there’s any ill health) as well as what you’re manifesting in your life.
We then consider all levels of consciousness; what you are consciously aware of, your subconscious i.e. your automatic thoughts, feelings and behaviours and your superconscious which includes who you are at soul level and any negative influence from past life experiences.

Although this may sound complicated, it’s really not. Put simply,  all levels of consciousness are addressed in order to assist you in creating the experience you want to have as a human being.

If you are feeling lost, or not sure about what it is you need to do in order to create the change you want let us take care of that for you.
Book an initial appointment and we will establish a path for you as well as start you on your Journey. If you have been before, book a follow up visit and we will see where you are now and where you would like to be.
There is no better time to act than right now. We can always find an excuse to procrastinate but that is also putting off the benefits that change will bring.
So start the process of creating the life you want.
You may even find the change begins as soon as you make the decision and take the

Call or email today.