Ann Rodis

Utilising hypnosis, spiritual regression therapy can be a very powerful and life changing experience. It is however, imperative that it be undertaken by a very skilled therapist who will ensure that your experience is positive and healing. It is best undertaken by an experienced and fully qualified and accredited hypnotherapist that has done further studies with institutions that specialise in this unique area.
Ann has her Masters in Hypnotherapy, Diploma of Applied Science in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Certificate IV in Counselling and Conflict Resolution, Reiki II whilst also having 25 years experience in the medical field. She is a member of the ASCH, AHS, ACA, MTB, TNI and is registered with most health funds that include “hypnotherapy” in their cover.
Ann has had many “life experiences” which have guided her along the path to where she is today. These experiences have also led her to the wisdom and empathy that are obvious to those that seek her assistance.
She has done further specialised training in Past Life Regression Therapy and Life Between Lives Regression Therapy through the Michael Newton Institute, USA. She is a member of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists, Academy of Hypnotic Science, the New York Holistic Healing Centre and is a certified practitioner with The Newton Institute, USA.

Just as Ann’s work has evolved in assisting and empowering many to change their lives and move forward in their journey, her introduction to Body Balance has become an astounding addition to her work. Through her experience in the medical field, with the mind and emotions and understanding and utilisation of energy work, she now knows its part of her purpose to utilise the gift of this product to assist as many souls as possible to raise their vibration, fulfill their purpose and by so doing, raise consciousness at a universal level.