When people hear of hypnosis, their first thought is often of a swinging watch. The person is then supposedly compelled to do things they would never normally do. Although hypnosis may seem a bit… out there, hypnosis is effective in improving a person’s health.

“With the way people view hypnosis as a magic trick, it is understandable how they find it surprising that it helps with a person’s health. Research has found that 75 percent of people benefit from hypnosis. It seems like a magic trick, but the difference is, “this one works.” says Callum Cook, a Yoga and health instructor at Poses, dedicated to making science-backed and meditative remedies more accessible.

The use of hypnosis can markedly improve someone’s health, especially in addressing some issues that you may have encountered.

Still unconvinced? Well, here are five surprising health benefits of hypnosis.

1. Getting Better Sleep

If you are struggling with falling and staying asleep, hypnosis can help you. Hypnosis calms your nervous system and eases your worries, and not just at bedtime. This can not only help you get to sleep but also stay asleep!

2. Reducing Stress

Are you sick of constant thoughts that don’t serve you? Are you familiar with negative self-talk? You can be in charge of your thoughts! Verbal or nonverbal cues allow you to slowly process your surroundings as you are being calmed from your stressors through regulated breathing, lowered blood pressure, and a calmer mind. Hypnosis reduces stress by providing a sign to stop, ponder, and process your current situation. Through hypnosis, we can also help you change what you perceive as a stressor and thereby change the response.

3. Alleviating Anxiety

Hypnosis helps with anxiety by activating your natural relaxation response. This is done by having cues that will allow your relaxation response to be stimulated. This is especially useful when it comes to anxiety-inducing situations. When the person is overwhelmed and is unable to calm down through internal stimulus, then hypnosis helps provide an external trigger for just that.

4. Coping with Pain

Hypnosis has been shown to help relieve chronic and acute pain, which makes it helpful for people with these conditions. In fact, the history of hypnosis includes extensive use as anesthesia. But aside from that, it also helps in coping with the pain you may have experienced in life, whether physical, mental, or emotional. Through hypnosis, we can remove the emotional “charge” attached to past experiences and in so doing, change how you feel resulting in a more positive outlook. 

5. Helping with Mental Health

One’s mental health can be positively influenced by hypnosis especially when it comes to healing of traumatic moments in life. This also helps in freeing yourself from the pain and suffering you may have experienced and regaining power and control over your life.

Let Hypnosis Help You

If you are familiar with one of these issues, hypnosis is one of the options you may like to explore.

Soul’s Destiny incorporates clinical hypnotherapy in their process to assist you to take charge of your body and mind, transform negativity, and become the winner in your own life.

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