I can highly recommend Soul’s destiny. I’m happy to found this place and can say that it helped me a lot on my spiritual path in this lifetime 😉

Andreas Ernst

I’ve had wonderful results from seeing Ann at Soul’s Destiny. Ann made me feel extremely comfortable as we worked to get to the root of problems that had left me feeling quite stuck in my life. The work that was done has helped me immensely and I feel I am still benefiting from it.

Sara Mazzaglia

I have been working on healing myself and making a better version of myself for a few years now. I had reached a block and that’s when Ann stepped in.

Ann’s skills are so well rounded. She has a diversity of skill and understanding from being qualified  in  counselling , healing and  Soul  Based  Therapy. Working with Ann, you feel like you are getting a more targeted approach.  She is practical in her approach and her advice  that  one can relate to every day life. For me Ann is special  because she worked with me at my soul level. She helped me peel off the layers to discover the true me. With the past life regressions we were able to un do so much baggage and unneeded feelings and blocks.

I will be  forever grateful to Ann for helping me move forward as I work on a better life with a better me.

With Light and Blessings


A friend of mine put me in touch with Ann as I was not in a very good place in my mind. I was allowing myself to be put down, allowing others judgements & judging myself in return. I had no self-worth and really felt I was at the end. I was sick of getting up after getting knocked down.

So I made the phone call, that would change my life, my thinking & learn new tools to help me cope with & change my life.

So after my first meeting, things started to make sense & I knew Ann was someone who could help me & guide me.

I still have a long way to go, as when you’ve pushed down 40yrs of hurt & anger, it’s a lot to work through, but boy has it been worth it – Yes.

So many obstacles pop up from time to time & throw a curve ball but with Ann’s guidance, I now see the reason for them.

I am starting to find me & I can honestly say if I hadn’t met Ann I would not be heading in the positive direction that I am now.

Ann, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You are helping me to see that I am worthy of so much more. You go above & beyond.

Thank you for helping me to find me. I can’t wait to complete me & with your guidance I know I will.

They say every cloud has a silver lining. You became mine with that first phone call.

Very grateful client Deneace


During a casual conversation at a party about 7 years ago (~2002), I mentioned my extreme fear of flying, something that I had to do regularly for my employment at the time. I would suffer anxiety and even nausea many hours before the flight, and during, making me a nightmare to trave with. Ann suggested I give hypnotherapy a try – I was an extreme skeptic, but what did I have to loose?

I took up Ann’s offer and attended just one hypnotherapy session at Ann’s premesis in Dingley Village. I did not go into a “deep sleep” nor was I asked to do silly things like “cluck like a chicken”, but I did get into a very comfortable state of relaxation, and I was totally aware of what was happening around me at all times. Ann’s methods helped me to concentrate on the various steps of preparing for a flight, with her suggestions putting positive spins on my feelings, helping me to believe that flying was an enjoyable experience. I would say that Ann “reprogrammed” my thoughts on flying, replacing feelings of apprehension with calm, controlled feelings. After the session, I didn’t believe that I felt any different – however – the proof came when it was time for me to fly once again to Brisbane. Whilst I was not exactly jumping out of my skin at the thought, I found I was noticably calmer leading up to, and during the flight. My fear of flying has now susided to where recently I flew from Melbourne to Brisbane, and not only was I actually looking forward to the flight, I even devoured the lunch they gave me on the flight – something I had never done before.

I must now admit that I am no longer a skeptic about hypnosis. If Ann can help me with my fear of flying after just one session, helping me to re-program my mind, then I’m sure she can help many other people with their fears, phobias and personal problems. read more

Mark, Dingley

It has been an amazing journey meeting you. I originally came to you to get rid of smoking and in doing so realised I had so many demons to deal with. In the beginning I never understood why our paths crossed. You have helped me come such a long way emotionally and spiritually. It has been really hard to get to where I am mentally but it is certainly worth being here.

My outlook on life and especially me has become so much better. I actually like who I am now and feel so much stronger as a human being. You don’t realise how much baggage you carry throughout your life until you start unpacking it.

Thank you so much for helping me do that, without what I have experienced and learnt from you I could not be the person I am today.

Thank you so much Ann

Rose, WA

Hi Ann, I hope all is well with you. My life has indeed been very different since I have visited you for the LBL and past life session. I view things very differently and feel greater purpose and happiness. I have selectively sent a few people to you since my visit, and they all had similarly ‘enlightening’ experiences. Thank you for choosing this path of yours; by opening the door for us (your clients) you help us in many ways.

George, Victoria

I contacted Ann to overcome my fear of public speaking, what was to come far exceeded my expectations. I embarked on a journey of self discovery. Through Ann’s assistance I have grown both spiritually and mentally.

My outlook on life is far more positive and my overall emotional disposition is wonderful. I know from the healing completed my success and ability to work towards my purpose is assured. Ann has helped me to attain a true and solid feeling of happiness, joy and confidence. The removal of my negative ‘layers’ has freed me of the burden of past experiences.

I strongly encourage anyone who is not completely satisfied with their life (which I suggest is a large portion of our population) to contact Ann to gain her assistance to change your life for the better.

James, Victoria

Hi Ann,

Thanks for the session on Monday.

Thought I would give you some great-news feedback.  I honestly think my asthma is cured!  Seems alot like you were right on the money about it being linked.

It is early days yet, of course, however during the course of yesterday I became aware that I was just feeling different.  I usually walk up 8 flights of stairs at work to get a bit of exercise, and when I did this early yesterday afternoon, I was just shocked….my breath feeling and pattern was like nothing I have ever experienced before and I could just breathe so easily and deep. I was still puffing (it hasn’t cured my fitness levels!) but wow.  Wow.!

I have even eaten foods that would usually bring on shortness of breath, such as yoghurt, but just took it in my stride without missing a step.  My chest/lungs just feels like new – light and clear.

So I am VERY excited at this stage.  Looks alot like the exercise did open sacred space and –  especially revisiting the childhood experience – has done a clearing of the trauma that has kept me short of breath all of this life. At this stage, it feels alot like a miracle.

Thought you would be interested to know  ?

Will let you know if this change continues to manifest itself over the coming weeks.

So there you have it!  Cannot take the smile off my face.

Follow up

Yes my breathing continues to be a revelation to me, and I really do feel like the exercise you took me through has cleared it for good (asthma has had such a long and enduring impact on my live, esp. my childhood, and has continued to drain my energy and spirit.
It truly does feel like I have been the recipient of a little miracle, and I don’t expect my asthma back.  Awesome.

thanks, and all the best

Geoff, Victoria