I can highly recommend Soul’s destiny. I’m happy to found this place and can say that it helped me a lot on my spiritual path in this lifetime 😉

Andreas Ernst

I’ve had wonderful results from seeing Ann at Soul’s Destiny. Ann made me feel extremely comfortable as we worked to get to the root of problems that had left me feeling quite stuck in my life. The work that was done has helped me immensely and I feel I am still benefiting from it.

Sara Mazzaglia

My daughter (8) has wet her pants at school once during the day, and twice at the end of the day in the last few weeks. Last year it included that many times each and every day! She has now been dry for one week at night as well!! She does still have some upsets but it doesn’t devastate her like it used to. She is now surrounding herself with possitive friends and is coming along in leaps and bounds. Ann, you truly are an angel.

Lee, Melbourne

Hi Ann, I hope all is well with you. My life has indeed been very different since I have visited you for the LBL and past life session. I view things very differently and feel greater purpose and happiness. I have selectively sent a few people to you since my visit, and they all had similarly ‘enlightening’ experiences. Thank you for choosing this path of yours; by opening the door for us (your clients) you help us in many ways.

George, Victoria